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Evigia Systems is an innovation leader in integrated sensors, MEMS, ASICs, micropackaging, and wireless tracking technologies.

We design and deliver precision multi-sensors and robust wireless tracking systems. Our systems provide enhanced performance, superior functionality, and improved energy efficiency while lowering design and operational costs.

Evigia’s sensor and wireless tracking solutions are proven in the most demanding defense, industrial and consumer product applications.

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Innovation Update

Evigia Launches SensiTrack™ System for Hazardous Material Management

Evigia’s SensiTrack™ System for Hazardous Material Management delivers an integrated wireless tracking and monitoring solution designed for life-cycle management of hazardous materials and for supply and distribution operations which require specialized product transport, handling and storage conditions. The system combines patented RFID sensor e-seals, secure wireless interrogators and the comprehensive ARG-US software suite for material tracking and storage management.

The system, jointly developed by Evigia and Argonne National Laboratory, adds sophisticated sensing, monitoring and communication capabilities directly to drum-type packages, using affixed battery-powered RFID tags that combine a full-range of sensors, onboard memory and secure wireless communications. Argonne’s ARG-US tags are based on Evigia’s EV3 wireless sensor platform and offer real-time, continuous monitoring of tampering and seal breakage, physical shock, temperature/humidity, radiation level, battery status, and identification, alarm and detailed data logging functions.

Evigia’s SensiTrack™ wireless tracking solution allows precise, continuous monitoring of transit location, container handling, and storage conditions of nuclear and radioactive materials, hazardous waste products, corrosive or toxic chemicals, volatile bulk process ingredients, and other products or materials which are highly sensitive to handling and environmental conditions.

The SensiTrack system is integrated with patented active RFID tags equipped with a variety of sensors (EV3-ES1), standard-compliant fixed and mobile RFID readers (EV3-AFI, EV3-HHI) and a suite of software tools (ARG-US SensiTrack) for location tracking, storage configuration and condition monitoring. The system can be configured to monitor parameters such as transit/storage location, seal breakage, package impact, temperature, humidity, radiation levels, and presence of gases and certain biological elements.

The SensiTrack system lowers life-cycle management costs, reduces the requirements for manned surveillance and inspection, minimizes the potential hazardous exposure for plant personnel, extends maintenance cycles of storage and transport vessels, and provides so-called “cradle to grave” management of hazardous waste now required by international agreements.

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