Wireless Tracking: Active RFID Tags, Readers & Software

Superior active RFID performance in demanding environments

Asset Tracking in Oil & Gas Exploration

Evigia’s wireless tracking products enhance asset visibility, security and tracking in large global logistics networks and improve accessibility of actionable information about assets through the use of high functioning, reliable and low cost patented wireless sensing, automatic identification and tracking solutions. Our product line is built around high-functionality wireless sensing, tracking and automatic identification hardware and full function software tools for integration, data management and mobile computing.

We deliver wireless sensing and tracking technology with longer battery life, smaller form factor, and superior functionality per unit cost. This is achieved through an integrated electronics design and manufacturing approach which combines wireless communications and sophisticated sensing functions within an integrated silicon chip, reducing the number of discrete components used in wireless sensing and tracking hardware. This results in smaller form factors, higher energy efficiency and lower production costs. Our customers experience improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime while increasing the visibility, safety and security of their assets.

Evigia products have superior performance capabilities in demanding environments with largely metallic objects, liquids, and concrete walls, delivering reliable long wireless range in these settings. This capability, along with the military-grade reliability and ruggedness and unmatched price-performance points, gives you an advantage in demanding asset tracking applications.

Evigia’s Wireless Tracking Product Line

The current product line includes:

  • Asset tracking tags: enable automated tracking and locating of assets, with baseline ID only tags (EV3-LPT) up to data rich tags with a larger memory size (EV3-DRT). The asset tags have a battery life exceeding 5 years and robust communication range of over 350 feet in the industrial environments. This represents 20% improved performance to the next best competitor.
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  • Asset condition monitoring tags: These tags have value-added functions to allow monitoring of the asset and infrastructure conditions and security. These tags incorporate temperature, humidity, shock, light, and security sensing to our already powerful data rich tags. They also include user-programmable alarm thresholds for each of the sensors. The Evigia condition monitoring tags have the most extensive multi-sensor offering, 20% better energy efficiency and best in class expandability with new sensors compared with the next best competitor.
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  • Interrogators (Readers): The EV3 interrogators (reader) offer omni-directional and networkable platforms that establish two-way tag communication and bridge the software application layer to the tags. Besides the fixed mounted readers, the product line includes powerful field-robust and non-incendiary mobile readers with support for multi-mode communications such as EPC Gen2 passive and WiFi. The Evigia fixed readers offer the most extensive network support with 30% lighter weight and smaller size compared with the next best competitor. The Evigia mobile reader offers 25% longer communication range in the rugged industrial environments with metal and concrete obstruction compared the next best competitor.
  • Support & management software: Evigia offers extensive software development kits and network connectivity drivers and support for integrating the hardware products with the customer’s systems and application software. In addition, Evigia offers complete suite of management software for mobile platforms with full functionality tag support.