Evigia EV3 Active RFID Tags with Integrated Sensing

Rugged long-range tracking and data storage RFID tags

Evigia’s tag products are battery-powered RFID devices built and ruggedized for long term use in active RFID networks. These tags store and provide information on the location, security status and environmental conditions of assets in the supply chain through the use of unique identification. All active tags share features that enable the readers to interface with multiple tags, which are commonly used in active RFID systems. All Evigia RFID tags support worldwide interoperability through compliance with the ISO 18000-7 wireless communications standard. All operate under FCC/IC regulations to provide low-power wireless communication, are EMI compliant for use on any aircraft and HERO tested and certified to be safe without any restrictions.

In contrast to Wi-Fi or other high-frequency wireless protocols, Evigia’s EV3 family of active RFID tags is capable of communicating through concrete, water and around metal objects. Tags come in a variety of configurations, with and without sensors and in a variety of form factors.

Asset Tracking Tags

« Asset Transponder for Equipment (EV3-ATE): Featuring a small form factor, database and query support, increased range, and improved efficiency, the ATE demonstrates excellent performance when attached to metal or electronic/IT assets. The ATE tag allows tracking of smaller assets at an extended distance.

« License Plate Tag (EV3-LPT): With improved power consumption, this tag lasts longer in the network before replacement is needed. Improved power consumption directly enhances the ROI and can reduce the cost of supply-chain monitoring. It has a battery lifetime of over 6 years and a wireless range exceeding 350 feet.

« Asset Tag (EV3-AT): When deployed in any ISO18000-7 compliant active RFID network, this transponder delivers improved value in asset management and tracking. The EV3-AT transponder features dramatically-reduced power consumption with a battery life of more than 6 years. It has a communication range of 350 feet and 2 kB of memory.

« Asset Tag with Non-Replaceable Battery (EV3-ATNRB): With its lower cost and smaller form factor, the EV3-ATNRB tag can be cycled in the network much more frequently, resulting in a dramatically improved ROI. This transponder has an internal battery with a life of more than 4 years, a communication range of 300 feet and 2 kB of memory storage. Given its size, this tag can be easily mounted to smaller-sized assets.

Sensor & Data Storage and Monitoring Tags

« Data Rich Tag (EV3-DRT): This transponder features a larger memory size, which enables extended monitoring and visibility at the asset site without the need to directly access off-site information sources, thereby improving performance of the overall network. In addition to 256 kB of memory, a battery life exceeding 5 years and range of over 350 feet, the EV3-DRT tag has a USB interface, allowing a wired connection for rapid configuration and data retrieval.

« Sensor Tag (EV3-ST): This transponder has value-added functions to allow the network to monitor the condition of assets as they travel through the supply-chain. Combined with innovative data collection and reporting software, these sensor transponders can be used to track the conditions and quality of environmentally-sensitive assets in near-real-time. This transponder incorporates temperature, humidity, shock and light sensing to our already powerful Data Rich Transponder capabilities with an extended memory of 512 kB, range of 350 feet and a battery lifetime of greater than 4.5 years with moderate sensor recording enabled. It includes user-programmable alarm thresholds for each of the sensors.

« Low-Profile Sensor Tag (EV3-LPST): This product features a very low-profile, ideal for applications requiring minimal space intrusion or for tracking small- or discretely-sized assets. The transponder has a battery life of more than three years, 128 kB of memory storage, temperature and humidity sensing capability and uses an internal battery.

« Container Security Tag (EV3-CST): Designed for securing shipping containers while delivering fully automated tracking and condition monitoring, these tags can be used to establish a highly-secured shipping network with low overhead costs. The EV3-CST features a ruggedized package that meets the demanding environments of shipping containers, operates fully in the presence of metal containers, has an extended memory of 512 kB, a typical battery life of more than 4.5 years and delivers a range of 350 feet. This transponder includes the additional sensory functions of humidity, temperature, light and breach, and shock. The tag functions for unique identification and can broadcast information outside the container while simultaneously monitoring from the inside.

Special Purpose Hazardous Material Tracking Tags

« Electronic Seal Transponder for Drum Containers (EV3-ES1): is an integral component of the SensiTrack™ RFID Solution for Hazardous Materials. The Transponder includes integrated sensory functions for monitoring seal integrity, radiation, temperature, humidity, shock, and battery status while utilizing an industry-standard 433MHz low-frequency location reporting link. The Transponder incorporates an innovative mounting capability designed for a variety of liquid and solid drum containers, enabling a highly secured transport and shipping network to be established with low additional overhead costs.