Innovative Wireless Tracking Technologies

Evigia’s Technology Advantage

Evigia’s wireless tracking solutions dramatically increase visibility of assets in-transit through a complex supply-chain, make it possible to monitor security breaches, and provide a more reliable, timely and connected supply network.

The EV3-Series wireless tracking products are designed to provide dramatically improved functionality at a much more attractive price point than was attainable by previous conventional Active RFID design approaches. With the judicious use of Integrated Sensor and ASIC technologies, improved sensing and other value-added capabilities have been included across the family of products, while still improving the size, power consumption, and end-user cost of our hardware products. Consequently, any supply-chain management network built on these devices will enjoy an improved ROI along with significantly enhanced functionality, visibility, and security control. Additionally, products in the EV3 family are fully compliant and interoperable within the ISO 18000-7 standard and DoD RFID Equipment Guidelines.

Our customers reduce losses due to handling damage or improper environmental conditions by more than 2x, increase efficiency of mobile capital equipment by more than 20% in large enterprise networks, increase safety of sensitive products and shipments by more than 10x, and cut the wasted time required for locating assets or equipment in large operations to near zero.