Evigia’s RFID & Wireless Tracking Solutions

Low power, long range tracking for demanding environments

Evigia Systems offers a diverse set of wireless tracking and sensing hardware products to meet the demands of a broad range of applications. The EV3 family of ISO18000-7 RFID products offers superior performance: greater operation range, higher reliability, extended battery life and a rich set of features, all at competitive prices. Evigia’s expertise in ASIC design, packaging, sensor design and wireless communications enable us to deliver wireless tracking technologies that meet the functionality, reliability and cost requirements of the most demanding wireless tracking applications.

Evigia’s hardware products have been selected by one of the largest and most technologically-advanced active RFID users, the US military, for use with US, NATO and Allied military forces, which require advanced logistics across five continents. Evigia hardware has been proven to function well in the most demanding of environments. EV3 products operate over wide temperature ranges, are resistant to water and dust and are not damaged by mechanical vibrations. Usable on land, sea or air, Evigia’s tags, readers and software solutions provide you with total visibility and mobile asset tracking.

Evigia’s Active/Hybrid RFID Tracking Solutions are proven in demanding customer applications: Transportation and Logistics, Container Tracking and Security, Warehouse Management, Fleet and Yard Management, Military Asset Tracking, and Cold Chain and Packaging.

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