Innovation in Integrated Sensor Technology

Performance, Functionality, Energy Efficiency, Low Cost

Our patented technologies allow multiple sensors to be integrated into a single miniature module. These systems have excellent energy efficiency thanks to proprietary use of circuits and sensors and their integration and packaging. Our sensor manufacturing processes are compatible with standard volume semiconductor and electronics production.

We specialize in innovative, ultra-low power integrated wireless and sensing systems. Evigia’s high-performance sensing solutions leverage our advanced and proprietary technology capabilities, including ultra-low power micro-sensors, analog and digital ICs, wireless data and micropackaging. Our systems provide enhanced performance, superior functionality, and improved energy efficiency while lowering design and operational costs.

Our sensor technology platform makes judicious use of integrated sensors and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) technologies in order to boost performance, improve energy efficiency, extend wireless communication, sense environmental conditions and incorporate other value-added capabilities to meet unique application demands.

High Performance Sensing

Evigia has developed advanced and proprietary technology modules for the production of superior sensor systems. These modules contain ultra-low power micro-sensors, analog and digital ICs, wireless data and micropackaging designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding application-specific sensing solutions. Evigia’s sensing technology modules offer an improved performance-to-cost ratio.

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