Evigia’s High-Performance Sensor Solutions

Innovative sensors for a wide variety of applications

Evigia has developed advanced and proprietary technology modules for the production of superior sensor systems. These modules contain ultra-low power micro-sensors, analog and digital ICs, wireless data and micropackaging designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding application-specific sensing solutions. Evigia’s sensing technology modules offer an improved performance-to-cost ratio.

Working with each customer, we deliver the sensing system based upon proprietary and patented technologies to provide a complete solution for your needs. With several decades of combined experience in delivering advanced low-power and wireless micro-sensing systems, Evigia has ready-to-use technology modules based on micro-sensors, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), micro and wafer-level packaging, ultra low power circuits, low-power wireless communications and low-power system development–all of which can be tailored to your most demanding applications.

Application-Specific Sensing Solutions

This technology expertise enables high precision and high-performance application-specific sensing solutions:

  • Sensors for condition based maintenance and machine prognostics
  • Wearable sensors for motion capture, biometric and medical applications
  • Rugged wireless acceleration/impact sensors for head impact & concussion monitoring
  • Sensors to enable smart-building and smart-home capabilities
  • Precision inertial measurement unit (MEMS gyroscope+accelerometer)
  • Low-cost, low-power motion tracking sensors for gaming and 3D remote control

Complete Sensor System Solutions for Your Needs

Incorporating Evigia’s proprietary sensor modules into your next-generation products allows a significant reduction in development time, builds upon proven technologies and improves your ROI. Our expertise in developing complete systems, including final sensor packaging for specific applications, sensor readout methodologies and software for data recording and storage, adds value and provides a complete solution for your sensing needs.

Want to learn more? Our engineering staff is available to talk with you about your application’s requirements. Call us at (734) 302-1140 or contact us online to learn more.