SensiTrack™ for Hazardous Material Management

The SensiTrack™ system utilizes RFID and sensor technologies to monitor, track and secure hazardous materials and sensitive, high-value products in transportation, storage and distribution operations.

SensiTrack allows precise, continuous monitoring of transit location, container handling, and storage conditions of nuclear and radioactive materials, hazardous waste products, corrosive or toxic chemicals, volatile bulk process ingredients, and other products or materials which are highly sensitive to handling and environmental conditions. The system incorporates a customizable array of sensors and wireless communication which can be configured to monitor parameters such as transit/storage location, seal breakage, package impact, temperature, humidity, radiation levels, and presence of gases and certain biological elements.

The SensiTrack RFID Solution provides sophisticated sensing, monitoring and communication capabilities, incorporating patented active RFID tags equipped with a variety of sensors (EV3-ES1), standard-compliant (ISO 18000-7) fixed and mobile RFID readers (EV3-AFI, EV3-HHI) and a suite of software tools (ARG-US SensiTrack) for location tracking, storage configuration and condition monitoring.

Evigia collaborated with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) on the development of customized active RFID sensor tags and has a technology transfer license for sensor and software technologies from ANL. Recent cooperative development on the system has led to the development of an integrated a neutron detector into the Electronic Seal Transponder (EV3-ES1-GN) to supplement the existing sensors (seal, gamma radiation, temperature, humidity, shock). The neutron detector and gamma dosimeter provide comprehensive, real-time radiation monitoring, enhancing safety, security, and safeguards of the operation when SensiTrack is used for nuclear material management.

The SensiTrack System

‹ Electronic Seal Transponder for Drum Containers (EV3-ES1): is an integral component of the SensiTrack™ RFID Solution for Hazardous Materials. The Transponder includes integrated sensory functions for monitoring seal integrity, radiation, temperature, humidity, shock, and battery status while utilizing an industry-standard 433MHz low-frequency location reporting link. The Transponder incorporates an innovative mounting capability designed for a variety of liquid and solid drum containers, enabling a highly secured transport and shipping network to be established with low additional overhead costs.

‹ ARG-US SensiTrack™ Software System for Hazardous Materials (ARG-US SensiTrack): continuously tracks the physical location and monitors environmental conditions of hazardous material containers during transport and storage. The system meets the challenge of effective management of hazardous materials to enhance safety, safeguards, and security and to enhance worker safety and protect public health. The ARG-US SensiTrack Software System incorporates two specialized software applications, ARG-US TransPort and ARG-US OnSite, providing a powerful, customizable platform for full life-cycle materials management during transport and storage.

‹ Active Fixed RFID Interrogator (EV3-AFI2): is a long range, omni-directional, connectable device that when networked with other AFis and other data collection devices forms the backbone of a low cost, yet highly functional and secure Active RFID reader network. When used in conjunction with its corresponding EV3 family of active transponder tags, this reader network provides unprecedented visibility, asset management control, and security monitoring at price-points that were unattainable previously. AFI2 can be readily integrated with the communication system of transport vehicles, providing full surveillance of assets in transit.

‹ Hand-Held RFID Interrogator Module (EV3-HHI-M): is a clip-on-module designed for the Bartec MC9090EX hand-held computer. By extending upon the highly functional MC9090 platform, this standards-compliant clip-on-module yields a field-robust, and non-incendiary hand-held platform through which the rest of the EV3 network can be read, monitored and managed. Where the end-user already has the hand-held computers on hand, addition of this EV3-HHI-M module is a highly cost-effective, yet powerful solution path to enhancing the network’s visibility and capabilities.