Industrial Maintenance & Condition Monitoring

Sensors for Prognostics and Condition-Based Maintenance

Sensors for Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) enables active monitoring and management of the health condition of industrial and transportation assets. CBM allows for performance of maintenance when it is most needed, anticipating maintenance requirements based upon monitored performance conditions. CBM can drastically reduce operating costs, improve asset efficiency and increase the safety of maintenance cycles. CBM eliminates the severe performance costs of reactive and corrective maintenance programs.

And, while scheduled maintenance programs require replacement of parts before the end of their useful life, CBM optimizes the tradeoff between maintenance costs and performance costs. CBM increases the availability and reliability of industrial and transportation assets while eliminating unnecessary maintenance activities.

Wireless Multi-Sensor Node

Evigia delivers enabling technology, from discrete single and multi-sensors to integrated solutions designed to fulfill a broad range of CBM, machine health monitoring and prognostic maintenance applications. Evigia’s solution delivers wireless networked multi-sensors which enable performance monitoring of industrial and transportation assets, helping you realize the benefits of CBM: improved reliability & safety, reduced downtime, synchronized maintenance cycles, near-optimal parts logistics, reduced life-cycle costs, and increased profitability.

CBM, Prognostic and Machine Health Monitoring

Multi-sensor systems that meet the demands of life cycle management and condition-based maintenance:

  • Ultra-low power multi-sensor nodes for monitoring vibration, strain, humidity, temperature, shock/mechanical, pressure sensors
  • Monitor industrial machinery, vehicles, aircraft, sensitive equipment and high-value assets
  • 5-7 years operation with coin cell battery, energy efficient wireless and wired interfaces
  • Proven proprietary sensing system hardware and software for advanced features, functions, calibration and compensation, integration, data processing and storage, communication and system integration
  • Customization including packaging, system and electronic interfaces
  • Cost effective, low size, weight and power, designed for most demanding and rugged applications
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