Sensors for High-Precision Inertial Tracking

MEMS IMU, Navigation and Motion Tracking Solution

Navigation-Grade MEMS IMU

Evigia is one of the leading teams developing wafer-level integrated high performance inertial sensors combined with integrated circuits. Evigia has pioneered a robust high-yield manufacturing process for fabrication and wafer- level micro-packaging of MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes atop of integrated circuits (ICs), leading to improved accuracy and inertial navigation capability as well as smaller size, weight, power, and cost.

Single chip IC-MEMS microgravity accelerometer

Our approach overcomes design challenges and results in a robust manufacturing process for inertial sensors that also, by virtue of the wafer-level process and inclusion of redundant devices, reduces the post-fabrication calibration and compensation steps per device. These inertial sensor systems provide a highly reliable, small size and weight, low power, and low cost solution to current and new navigational and reference requirements for a myriad of application requirements.

Gyro-Accelerometer interface ASIC

Evigia can provide single lateral and multi-axis accelerometer packages, micro-g accelerometers, degree/hr MEMS gyroscopes and high-precision TIMU units designed to meet the most demanding packaging, performance and power specifications for motion tracking, stabilization, guidance and navigation applications.

We provide customized solutions for your specialized motion-tracking and IMU requirements. Want to learn more? Our engineering staff is available to talk with you about your specifications. Call us at (734) 302-1140 or contact us online to learn more.