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Evigia Collaborates on Innovative Sensor Network for Oil Spill Response Systems

U.S. Department of Interior is sponsoring research and development efforts bringing together industry and university experts to deliver oil spill tracking and response systems

Evigia Awarded Patent for Innovative 3D MEMS Fabrication Process

Evigia Systems has been awarded a patent for a robust high-yield platform fabrication process, enabling integration of all-silicon timing and inertial sensors on top of CMOS wafers

Evigia Wins Contract for Ultra-Low Power Machine Health Monitoring Sensor System

Evigia to develop system which enables condition based monitoring of high value and sensitive military assets including missile and aviation equipment parts, guidance electronics, and aircraft and vehicle platforms, utilizing a precision miniature multi-sensor system with 10-20 years of battery life.

Evigia delivers 2nd Generation HazMat e-seals to Argonne National Laboratory

Evigia Systems delivers 2nd-generation DOE/Argonne National Laboratory ARG-US wireless sensor-based HazMat surveillance tag system utilizing Evigia’s EV3 wireless sensing platform. The system enables facilities to securely, continuously and autonomously track the physical locations and monitor the state of health of nuclear material packages during transportation and storage.

Argonne, Evigia Finalize Licensing Agreement for Next-Gen HazMat Sensor Technology

Technology licensing agreement brings the SensiTrack™ system, jointly developed by Evigia and Argonne, to market. The system enables precise, continuous monitoring of transit location, container handling, and storage conditions of nuclear and radioactive materials and hazardous waste products

Evigia, Revere Security in Partnership to Provide Secure Wireless Sensors

Evigia Systems has signed a technology partnership agreement with privately funded Revere Security to provide encrypted wireless communication to Evigia’s EV-3 line of wireless sensor tags and readers

Evigia Releases Hybrid Mobile Sensing/Tracking Platform on Motorola MC9090

Evigia Systems launches hybrid sensor and wireless tracking system for end-to-end item-level asset tracking. The new active-passive mobile automatic identification platform is based on Evigia’s industry-leading EV3 ISO18000-7 active platform and the Motorola MC9090-G Gen2 rugged handheld interrogator.

Frost & Sullivan selects Evigia Systems for Wireless Sensing Technology Award

Frost & Sullivan selects Evigia for Wireless Sensing Technology Award, report lauds Evigia’s product line for smaller form factors, longer battery life, better price and performance, and extended mobile support.

Evigia Delivers Wireless Sensor and Tracking Technology to Northrop Grumman

Evigia Systems has received initial purchase orders from Northrop Grumman to supply active wireless sensor and tracking products to the U.S. Department of Defense under the $429M RFID III contract