Batteryless Sensors with Non-Volatile Memory

Enabling New Applications for wireless miniature sensor networks

Evigia is leading the way with the development of a new class of patented batteryless wireless miniature smart sensors that can continuously track and record exposure to the environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and shock/vibrations without requiring any battery or any other external power source. The batteryless sensors sense and record data constantly, even when outside of the field of the reader.

Example: Batteryless “Smart Label”

Unlike energy-harvesting approaches, the central technology of these innovative devices is a wireless sensor chip employing a multi-faceted means to store energy on the chip. The batteryless wireless sensors achieve high-efficiency sensing and data storage in digital non-volatile memory and directly integrate microelectromechanical (MEMs) sensors with advanced deep submicron CMOS circuitry. These batteryless smart sensors meet the form factor, functionality, and price-point requirements of embedded and widely-dispersed sensing for a broad range of applications including infrastructure, home and building monitoring, industrial machinery condition monitoring, supply chain and cold chain management of perishables and sensitive goods, after-market product support, and sports injury monitoring.

Batteryless Sensors with Non-Volatile Memory

Evigia’s technology capabilities deliver batteryless sensor innovations:

  • Ultra-low power CMOS digital non-volatile memory with direct sensor write
  • MEMS-based on-chip energy storage with long-term retention
  • Digital MEMS sensor array with zero-stand-by power draw
  • Ability to continuously track temperature, shock, humidity, pressure and record max/min condition w/o a battery
  • Long-range RFID operation compared with competition due to energy efficiency
  • Can be battery-augmented to provide full data logging, time stamps and time integration features for perishables and sensitive, high-value shipments
  • Battery-less operation time stamp based on subsequent reads at choke points, transition or user initiated
Evigia’s patented wireless miniature smart sensors continuously track and record exposure to environmental and operating conditions without requiring batteries – sensing and recording data even when outside the field of the reader. These sensors can be integrated with existing wireless infrastructure including RFID and mobile phone NFC to build cost-effective ubiquitous sensor networks.