Evigia Systems: Company Background

Innovation in Integrated Sensors and Wireless Tracking

Evigia is an innovation leader in utilizing integrated sensor and ASIC technologies to dramatically improve the functionality and cost of wireless and sensing products. Our competitive advantage is our proven ability to deliver wireless sensing and tracking technology that provides longer battery life, a smaller form factor, and superior functionality per unit cost.

This is achieved through an integrated electronics design and manufacturing approach which combines wireless communications and sophisticated sensing functions within an integrated silicon chip, reducing the number of discrete components used in wireless sensing and tracking hardware. This results in smaller form factors, higher energy efficiency and lower production costs.

Evigia Systems was founded as a wireless and sensing electronics company based in Ann Arbor, MI, in mid-2004. Evigia is acknowledged as a leading provider of wireless sensing, identification and tracking products and solutions proven in military, security, and commercial applications.

Evigia ranked first in Product Line Strategy for Wireless Sensing Systems

"Evigia distinguishes itself from its competitors by developing wireless sensing, tracking, and identification products that have long battery life, are cost-efficient, and boast unrivaled performance and quality."
Frost & Sullivan


The Management Team of Evigia Systems, Inc. embraces core values of honesty and integrity, creating a company that delivers value to customers, investors and employees. Dr. Navid Yazdi, Evigia’s founder and CEO, has extensive expertise in developing technology and startup business initiatives. Dr. Yazdi is joined by an outstanding advisory board to lead strategy, product development and sales/marketing execution.

Dr. Navid Yazdi
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Navid has extensive expertise in wireless and sensor technology and startup technology company operations. Over the past 7 years he has led the formation of Evigia’s strategic business partnerships, managed key customer relationships, provided corporate management and directed technology and product development. He has over 17 years experience in developing products and solutions for wireless sensing and identification systems, silicon circuit chips and sensor. His credentials include over four dozen technical publications and 17 patents in the field. Prior to founding Evigia, he held a senior management position with Intellisense a Boston-based micro-sensor and micro-optics startup which was acquired by Corning (GLW). From 1998 to 2000 he was a full-time faculty member at Arizona State University, where he established a research group focusing on integrated microsystems with several projects funded by NSF, DARPA, and semiconductor industry on low-power wireless systems, sensors, and ASIC electronics. Navid holds a PhD from the University of Michigan.